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My Boyfriend wants me to quit smoking.
So do I.
So for every FAVE, I'll go one day without a cigarette.
Click The Heart, I need support! 


I put on that strong face;
Everyday. But not this Sunday.
Never on 9/11 do I hold back tears. I do not force a smile. Because on 9/11 my daddy went to work and never came home. I not asking for favorites, I'm just asking that you pray, for

my family and all of the lives lost on this extreamly tragic day.

I love you daddy.

Hey daddy,
its been 10 years this sunday,

since you went to work and
come back. I just want you to
know, I think about you every day.
I love you daddy. Mean Mr.Osama
was killed this year, I cried for you
mommy misses you too. I see her cry
when ever she looks at pictures of you
I miss you so much daddy I will always
be thinking of you, espically sunday.
I love you.
if you read I love you.

C.o.n.f.e.s.s.i.o.n 1
sorry its ugly.
My mom is my bestfriend and the absolute strongest person I have ever met in my whole life. My daddy went to work on 9/11 and he never came home. My mom has raised me and my siblings on her own. I love her with all of my heart and I breakdown when I think of  l i f e wit h out her.
I L O V E  Y O U  M O M M Y <3

Todays my Daddy's birthday.

 Can I get a few faves for him and his 37th birthday, I know he would see this from heaven <3

If    i inmf


 today was  pciture  day 
mine  sucked
a boy  saw  it  and  said  i looked  pretty

why cant all the boys in my school be like that???


 is anyone else 
really tired when there 
in class 

but then when you get home your not tired anymore.