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Sorry, I'm too poor to pay attention.
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I feel as though I am the only person that waits for the microwave to finish beeping before getting my food....

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thigh gap
thigh ga
thigh g
three slices of pizza

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beauty tips :D
ps. i know the numbers are mucked up. i deleted ones that weren't neccessary for me.

1. Feed your skin from the inside. Honey, especially the dark kind, is high in disease-fighting antioxidants. Add it to your morning yogurt or tea for a health – and taste –kick.

2. Ditch alcohol-based toner. It strips away bad oils like sebum along with essential fatty acids that form a barrier against germs and irritants. Look for alcohol-free toner and use blotting papers to absorb any midday shine.

4. Exfoliate. Retinoids are wrinkle-reducing creams that thicken the skin and unclog pores, but they can also leave behind dry, patchy areas. Gently exfoliate those dead skin cells with a heavy washcloth.

5. Take a milk bath. The white stuff is rich in protein and fat, both of which calm irritated skin. Add two to four cups of whole milk to a warm bath and dip in.

6. At-home healing. Dry scalp? Massage with warm olive oil and cover with a shower cap for 10 minutes to soothe itching and dryness.

7. Shop at the children’s aisle. Since sunscreen is needed all year-round, adults with sensitive skin should pick up baby sunscreen. Formulated with titanium or zinc oxide, this gentle lotion or cream protects the skin without causing irritation.

9. Add shine to hair. Try a post-shampoo rinse once a week with 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar diluted in a pint of water. The acid in the vinegar will remove buildup from styling products like mousse and hairspray.

17. Curling iron mishap. If you've accidentally burned yourself curling or straightening your hair (hello, morning rush!), treat with cold water, then break open a capsule of vitamin E and dab on top.

18. Stain, stain, go away. Maybe you shouldn't have ordered spaghetti while wearing a white blouse. Costume designer Susan Matheson suggests a wet cleaning wipe for quick spot cleaning. It won't set the stain, and you'll see immediate results.

19. Wax on, wax off. Avoid showering or applying moisturiser for several hours after a wax treatment, suggests Madison Passarelli from **** Wax. Waxing opens up the hair follicles, so it's best to allow them to close first to prevent ingrown hairs.

20. Ingrown no more. Prevent ingrown hairs by exfoliating skin with a gentle body scrub or body brush three times a week.

26. A touch of gloss. For a dewy, healthy glow, apply a dab of lip gloss to your cheeks.

27. Tame flyaways. When frizzies get you down, use a leave-in conditioner with shea butter. Opt for a ponytail on the most humid of days, since loose hair is a moisture magnet, says Kaz Amor, co-owner of Warren-Tricomi salon.

28. Conditioning protection. Leave in approximately 10 to 15 percent of your hair conditioner before going outdoors, says Tom Brophy of the Tom Brophy Salon. The conditioner will act as a sun protectant and deep conditioner.

29. A big blow-dry. For wild, sexy hair, hairstylist Allen Edwards uses the Blow Curl technique: Blow-dry about 80 percent, wind sections of your hair around a medium brush and dry a bit more. Pin each section to your head and let the rest dry naturally.

30. The right fit. Don't become fixated on wearing "your size," says designer Karen Zambos of Karen ZAMBOS Vintage Couture. All clothing lines fit differently because of their fit model and production, so keep an open mind when shopping.

31. Be bold with your accessories. There’s nothing like adding a red pair of pumps to a monochromatic outfit, says costume designer and stylist Okera Banks. A great sequin scarf worn under the collar of a classic suit jacket adds a touch of glamour.

32. Go figure. Give a boyish frame some dangerous curves with the right accessory, like a 3-inch-wide belt cinched at your narrowest point. Make sure it’s all the same color to avoid a tummy pooch.

33. Size yourself up. Bra fitter to the stars, Susan Nethero says 85 percent of women are wearing the wrong bra size. Place the bra band around your lower back and bend over as you fasten yourself in to fill up the cups. Your straps shouldn’t fall down and the band shouldn’t ride up.

34. Dress for your coloring. Complement your tresses and stand out with primary colors like yellow and sapphire. Try solid tops and dresses in rainbow shades to find the one most flattering to your complexion.

35. Not so basic. Dress up a casual tank with a tailored blazer in versatile black or white, and pair with jean and dresses. It adds polish and creates a shapely silhouette.

36. The right length for you. If you’re 5 foot 4 inches or under, take a cue from pint-size celebs and wear fitted sheath dresses that hit at the knee. The style and fit helps legs look miles long.

37. Elongate your torso. Denim trousers with wider legs and a lower rise, plus a belted top will create the perfect proportion between upper and lower body. Keep the belt on your natural waist for the most slimming effect.

38. 2-in-1 belts. Wrap a long, lightweight, solid-color scarf around your waist and knot it loosely just in front of one hip bone. The dangling ends will make you look longer and leaner.

39. Embrace your animal instincts. A hint of leopard or other animal print – on your feet or on a clutch-style handbag – will transform a simple ensemble. Try it with all black for the most impact.

40. Take a cue from your man. Dip your toe into the menswear trend and wear a classic men’s watch instead of a wrist full of bangles. Wear it loose for a bracelet-like effect that's sporty but elegant enough for any occasion.

41. Put your best foot forward. Consider a pair of kitten heels to get through every day in style. What's included? The comfort and chicness of flats plus a sexy little heel for an extra inch or two.

What colour are mirrors?

I don't know, lets reflect this.
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Can you imagine meeting someone
        who figures out
                                             why you're so guarded?
Can you imagine finding someone
          who stays
                                                                        no matter what you put them through?
They always remain on the front porch,
waiting for you.
           The light never goes off, 
                                              Your outline always remains in the bed sheets,
                                      They never fill your draw in the wardrobe,
 The become a part of you.
..and you become a part of them.
So much so....
That if they were ever to go missing, 
it would feel like you went missing too.

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when i was like 12 i used to hate one really bitchy and annoying girl from our class so i sent her a text “you will die in 7 days” during a class and she burst into tears and her mum went to police and i was so scared so i flushed my phone down the toilet



"Would you die for me?"
 "I would die for anyone." I whipsered.
"The question is; would I live for you?"

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"why do you love me?"
"what does water taste like?"
"i don't know, you can't describe it."

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Bad hair day.
Bad face day.

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