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call me demetria \ so'cal

i really never know what to put here because i'm nothing that special.
comment me if you want to get to know me. c:
#1 rule:
respect me & i'll respect you.

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It's pretty bad when you can say, 'i'm used to it.'


There are braces for crooked teeth,

Surgery for stretch marks,

And, make-up for blemishes.

But,there is nothing in this world,

that will fix an ugly heart.

Plot twist: Nobody on Witty is going to start using this format.

*wittians in a few months*
 Wittians: Favorite if you remember the old Witty.


I think about you way more than I should.

control the persoyou are today.


Lets just drop it.
Like its hot?


won't make it okay.


//The face before you sneeze\\

              Has got to be worth,

                 a million dollars.