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Hi, I'm Victoria.
I'm twenty two.
I haven't used Witty in years, but I really appreciate all of the love and support I've gotten. <3

Quotes by f0r3v3rm0r3x3

You make me so happy just by doing things you might not have even realized you've done.

I feel terribly empty the second you leave.
I feel absolutely complete the second you speak.


I just always feel
this overwhelming
feeling of sadness.



We'll kiss, we'll cuddle, we'll go on dates.
We'll sing, we'll laugh, things will be great.
We'll have picnics, go to the beach, and watch the stars.
I promise you, true happiness isn't far.
We'll trust, we'll walk, we'll hug.
In each other's arms, we'll feel safe and snug.

We'll see cute movies, intertwine our hands,

We'll finally be together.
I promise not to leave you, ever.


Don't hurt someone just because they've hurt you.


Here's a random idea,
Just out of the blue.
How about you fall for me,
As hard as I fell for you?



I'm turnin' 100,000 years old today!
Could I get 100,000 favorites?

Do you know what it's like,
when the person you want most
to stay,
wants nothing more than
to go away?


Today,  my  friend  jokingl said,
"You    and    him    need    to    get
married,     so    I    can    be     the
Maid                of                Honor!"
He    heard   this,   walked    over,

laughed,  and went along with  it.
What          he          didn't           hear,
was               me               whisper,
I   w i s h "


Love makes you
See things that aren't there,
Feel things that aren't real,

And hear things that
M a k e n o s o u n d .