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hey(: i know this profile is hideous and boring. whatever. i have a real witty, and my profile on that is beautiful.. but anyway, this account is sort of for confessions, except they're not all confessions. some are just plain facts. this is open to anyone, i guess. i'll give you the password, i'm just gonna havta ask you to please stick with the quote format that i choose and keep up with the numbers. or you could just comment a fact about yourself and make it into a quote. i guess i made this account so maybe some people could hear me out, maybe understand me a little bit.
password: keepquiet

Quotes by factsaboutme

facts about me #16
it's killing me. you're killing me. slowly and softly... but i think that's worse.

facts about me #15
i always need to babysit my younger siblings.

facts about me #14
i get overeact and get way too frusturated over the littlest things...

facts about me #13
but i don't want to show my face.
can't i just pull the drawstring on my hoodie,
and never make anyone look at my ugliness ever again?

facts about me #13
i want to curl up in a ball
and stay like that forever.

facts about me #12
i lack confidence, i'm insecure, i overthink, i'm no good.

facts about me #11
i am always in pain. i always have headaches or stomach aches or something.
but there's no way i'm going to the doctor for it...
they can't do anything to take away the stress
that i'm positive is causing it... 

facts about me #10
i would die for anyone... it's better than hurting myself.

facts about me #9
i try my best, but i always have a really hard time concentrating.

facts about me #8
since i was about 6, i've made sure that my hopes were always set very low, so i would never be dissapointed and hurt anyones' feelings.