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Hey ;))))) AND YES I KNOW MY SONG IS REALLY DEEP OK Some people call me Quinn, but you can call me anytime ;))))) Ok haha no but really doe um my name is Quinn, which I know is a guys name but can also be a girl name, so please don't get that confused. i am a girl. Anyways, I'm 14 and going to be a freshmen, I've always wanted to be a model but I'm short so I kinda can't. People say I'm super skinny but I don't see what they see. People also say I'm pretty but again, I think they might all be blind. Hm, ok so I love cats, I have 5 and I also love dogs. I really wish I had a corgi cause they're soooo cute or maybe a weiner dog so I can tell people I have a weiner but noo I have 2 german sheperherds but oh well bc I think they're super cute too. I love golden graham smores bars, soda, twix, apples ;) and kiwis ;))), n milkshakes bc they bring all da boiz 2 mi yrd n theyre lyk itz beta thn urz i cn teech u but id haf 2 chrg. damn rite itz beta thn urz. ok erm anyways, Starbucks is my life bc I'm a basic . Uhh I love tumblr but I'm stupid and i get confused easy so I think it's confusing. And I hate spiders. K bye. <---- this duck tho ;)