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Quotes by fairyfloss

 Overattached girlfriend #2
When you stare into your partners eyes and refuse to look away..
 Overattached girlfriend #1

I really like your cologne,
it smells like the man
im going to marry.

When they say " We can still be friends"

Is like saying " Your dog died but you can STILL KEEP IT"

"Like a cheese stick"

"No Dad like a G6!"

witty chat:

friend: so what yu doing
Me: sitting, hbu?
Friend: OMG im doing the same thing 



/\ \//'\//
/\\ //'\//
/'\// /\/\\\
* * * * * * * * * * * ** * * * * * * * * ** *
 I want to be the girl  HE gives

HIS hoodie too <3
Format by kclove5


Did you actually try and click on this format?
im not pretty but i bet if i looked like her i would be something you missed.......

"I understand if i was her i would choose her too, but remeber that real girls are not perfect and perfect girl are not real" 

-My bestfriends boyfriend cheated on her
and this is all she could say </3