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Quotes by faithx15

All those scars on her arms;
Don't worry,
they're just reminders of you.
It's like quicksand.
      The deeper you fall in it,
             the harder it is to get out.
Love should never be scratched.
It should mean something more than a few cuts.
Change for yourself,
not anyone else.
 boy, look where you got me;
-----> caught up in promises you can't  keep.

<|3 <|3

Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue,I Have 5 Fingers, And The Middle Ones For You. (;

Run away with me
for you are my one true love.
Lets go were we can be together,
and stay that way

*not mine*

Your 13,
you do
you've got multiple
& your
Is your mommy proud ?(:
If i could go back...

back to the very moment i met you.
[I would look you straight in the eyes],

and walk away.