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About meee.
Myyy name is hannah leighh.
if you need to know more hmu
lovee you b*tches (;


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2 Months Today baby♥

It was two months ago that I was single and loving it, now i'm yours and don't regret a single second! I love you Jake Michael Legan!♥

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If Life Hands You Lemons..
squeeze the lemons,
add some vodka,
and have a party!!


I have two best friends Kendall and Jake. I am dating Jake. I need to tell Kendall about Jake but I am soo scared that Kendall will get mad.. IDK what to do!
i know this isnt pretty but i need advice
soo.. im dating this guy and we go to seperate schoools.  Our homecomings are on the same night.. We both want to be with each other for homecoming. What do i do?
"Lets skip work and go makeout"(my boyfriend)

"ohh sure, lets just go in the middle of the street.."(me)

"yeahh! it'd be like in the notebook"(my boyfriend)


Gotta love when boys make refrences to the notebook<3
Your hair looks sexy when you put it up

You're like a teddy bear, I could sleep with you all night.

the best thing your boyfriend can say..

i love you takes two seconds to say but a lifetime to fulfill♥
the date of last night.. the start of our summer baby.
anyone wanna chat? hmu(: