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Quotes by fang

If you could slit my throat....with my one last gasping breath i would apoligize for bleeding on your shoe
Little advice dont write on your skin with a marker unless it sayes washable (now im a smerf)
how do u kill a blonde?
stick a scratch and sniff sticker on the bottom of a pool and tell her to go sniff it
Fang:How do you get high of a marker?
Emily:I dont know how?
Fang:Me neather lets go ask Ana
Ana:just sniff sniff sniff(ana is blonde)

hahah happend in science class today with sented markers (and dont write with sented markers on your skin enless it says it is washable cuz it dont come off)Now im a smerf
have u ever been addicted to a person like they are a drug? u want to stop but u love there feeling of being high
well thats how i feel about you joey
i love you joey<33
girls bestfriend:you should go out with him
girlsbestfriend:because u guys are just like one another.he like soccer u like soccer,he likes nightmare before christmas u like nightmare before christmas,you sleep in class he sleeps in class,and u guys sit the same exact way.

boys bestfriend:you should go out with her
boysbestfriend:because u guys are just like each other u like soccer she likes soccer,he likes nightmare before christmas she likes nightmare before christmas,u sleep in class she sleeps in class,u guys even sit the exact same way

boy:no we dont
girl:no we dont

girlsbestfriend:yes u do
boysbestfriend yes u do

boy: but she will never go out with me
girl:but he will never go out with me
(later in class)
boy:is watching her
girl:is watching him
(there friends are right)
he smiles at her and sayes i love you will u go out with me ?
she smiles back and says i love you too and yes i will.

<really happend to me>
girl:why do people love?
boy:because its the closest thing we have to magic