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Hey it's Jenny.

My life has changed a lot since I first discovered Witty. I found Witty in high school, at a time when I really hated my life. Witty was the sanctuary I needed.
I'm in college now, and my life is better than it's ever been. I know how you guys feel. But I hope you realize that life really does get better. Stay strong. Witty will always be here for you.

it's raining, raining

Quotes by fashiongurrly

Returning to Witty after a year, rereading your old quotes, and finally realizing
it does get better

It's a depressing feeling

when you realize you're turning into the kind of person you hate :(


I hate how some people talk about
Black Friday
like it's an actual holiday

And the day that I can see his name in my inbox,
text him,
and feel nothing at all...

that's when I know I've moved on


And suddenly,

he was gone

another missed opportunity...



Yeah, I know change is a part of life,

but i didn't know things would change this much



Starting college apps has made me completely terrified of what the future holds
I just wanna be a kid again...

Your love was like a loaded gun


you shot me down like everyone



we started off incredible

connection undeniable

i thought you were the one


I can be tough
i can be strong
but with you
it's not like that at all