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Hey it's Jenny.

My life has changed a lot since I first discovered Witty. I found Witty in high school, at a time when I really hated my life. Witty was the sanctuary I needed.
I'm in college now, and my life is better than it's ever been. I know how you guys feel. But I hope you realize that life really does get better. Stay strong. Witty will always be here for you.

it's raining, raining

Quotes by fashiongurrly

No matter how serious life gets, you still gotta have that one person
you can be completely stupid with

It's not who you are

that holds you back;

it's who you think you're not



If life was easy,

where would all the adventures be?



My mistake was not falling for him in the first place, but falling for him
even though he lives so far away

You make breaking hearts


look so easy



A Poem by Dr. Doofenshmirtz;


The movies are gray

The TV is black

The horses are running

Please bring me some food 


I must be wishing on someone else's star, because it seems as if someone else
is getting what I wished for

Ask yourself

one simple question;

Is he taking care of your heart?



I am not
an unhappy person ;
I'm just tired of
the same routine and people
and all the bullshit they bring

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