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My name is Chloe and I am 12 years old and go to middle school. Please don't hate me because I'm 12, i assure you I'm not one of the s/utty ones. I'm crazy but sometimes dark and distant. I like a lot of different things having to do with creative things. My birthday is May 31st, I love my friends and family and my black miniature poodle, Zoey. I'm a writer and a smart student. Not the most social though.
Read below for my awesome favorites and some cool things about me :)

I love Aly
she is my unicorn
My amazing friends are Jenny, Reana (Kiwimangokoala) and Aly (alybear8). They are amazing! My cousin is MistyTheCat753 on Youtube she's an amazing artist and you can also find her on Tumblr @Sketchesofhomestuck.
I love Pewdiepie on Youtube! I play the horror game, Amnesia and Happy Wheels.
BTW I'm 5'5" blue/green eyes, glasses, curvy/chunky and fluffing awesome!
Hope you guys enjoy my quotes and prfiles <3 you guys!!
It's Reana! I love you lots bbz and seriously need to just kidnap you forever and ever because fuck logic weheeee
So yea you'e the best person ever and you're a beautiful friend and any guy is lucky to have you but if they break ur heart I will cut out their eyes, roast them over a crackling fire like chestnuts, and feed them to my dogs OKAY BYE
I love Eminem, Trapt, 3 Doors Down, Lady Gaga, Foster the People, Gotye. Breaking Benjamin, Linkin Park, Goo Goo Dolls, RAP, heavy metal, and a lot of other single songs. My favorite movies are RED, Harry Potter, Marvel Movies, The Pacifier, and The Princess Bride. TV shows: Criminal Minds, Bones, Monk, Flashpoint, Psych, and Spongebob!

Quotes by fatallyattractive15023

I've been gone from witty for sometime now and it's because I'm tired of it.
All of the drama and fake people and stuff like that. 
This was meant to be a place to share cool ORIGINAL quotes and stuff but it's not anymore.
I got a tumblr a little while ago so now I can say for myself (because before my friends were telling me) that hald the quotes on witty are really copied from tumblr. 
If you like them so much just press the 'reblog' and 'like' buttons and move on, and not plagiarize other people's jokes and quotes.
And don't even give me all this stuff about 'they probably copied it from us' because they didn't, they posted it WAY before you posted it on here. 
I'm really done with Witty, it used to be cool and I loved it but now, nope. Some (not all) of the people on here are rude and mean and hateful and some just take other people's works.

I wish someone had told me that I deserve better
I will casually run up the stairs
using the elevator
I constantly feel ratchet and irrelevant
Today I got a candidate packet for the Naitonal Junior Honor Society
I honestly don't have much to fill out
I know I won't get in
So I don't want to set myself up for failure
I'm a cream-filled doughnut don't you tell me that it's wrong
Let's face it
The only way for me to get a cool format is to click on the "random format" button
Let's face it
The only way for me to get a cool format is to click on the "random format" button
Sometimes I wonder how being "witty famous" is
Then I remember it's never going to happen
Cycle of a Teenage Girl
Eat sleep drink think live food
Get called chubby, fat, etc.
Develop an eating disorder