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Quotes by fatassmuffin

i remember when
most of my quotes here on witty were unoriginal. how embarrassing..


i take a shot
everytime i see a one direction quote on witty.


my goal in life
is to have perfect skin. in all honesty.


and honestly, i still don't even know
what kind of person i am, what place i have in this fücked up world.


i would never cheat on someone.
i mean someone, being stupid enough to actually date me is rare, and im not gonna be the one to fück it up.


when i walk out the shop, yeah, this is what i see,
katniss everdeen is staring at me, i got a loaf in my
hand and i aint afraid to throw it, throw it, throw it...

i'm peeta and i know it.


it's kind of sad
that niceness has become so rare that people mistake it for flirting.


in school, the only thing
that group projects have taught me is how much i hate other people.


we don't talk because
you changed. not me.


the divorce rate
among my socks is flabbergasting.