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I'm lazy, but I do like conversations. Go figure.

Quotes by faye_at

Some people just breathe loudly as if to say "notice me notice me notice me". I notice you, everything. I'm too judgmental to not notice.
they think a speck in the universe, has all the right to claim a whole damn sky
Maybe god said love one another so he can break our hearts.
Me: *criticizes friend
Friend: *laughs
Me: I don't think you realized the full potential of my criticism.
You were art and everything else was a mistake.
You think your life is hard. Well right. My life is so easy and comfortable. Okay you win the hardest life award.
To the kid who carved my name to a tree, I'm glad you have a knife.
Somebody loves you. Not me, but somebody.
Never lie to people, especially to the ones who actually trust you. Have the decency to prove that they are not investing to the wrong person.
*walking, when suddenly
Lady: *angry voice What kind of heart do you have?
*turned to look at her
She's looking at me!
What did I do?
Then she looked away.
That's when I saw her phone pressed on her right ear.
I thought-..