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haters can keep drinkin their haterade

Okay i think its finally time i put some stuff bout me....
if you havent already guessed im erin
im 16 and i was brought into this world february 1st
i live in a smallish town called Downers Grove in IL
im fucked up yeah, yeah i know everyone says it but i am
im depressed but i have my highs and that makes me think im bipolar
i've selfharmed for about fiveish years now
i have trust issues and im socially akward
ohh and im an insomniac and music has saved my life
Cady Groves, Paramore, Demi Lovato, BVB, ADTR..
those are just a few of my favorite bands
if you wanna know more then hmu iguess
bye <3

National Suicide Prevention Hotline

This girl right here is part of the reason im still here today..I fucking love her no matter what she does.... I am proud to be a Lovatic

Quotes by fckh8rs


seeing you with her kills me


that sinking feeling you get when you realize that you and one of your best friends probably wont be freinds anymore cuz you tried to help her

well that just made me feel like complete S.H.I.T.
why can't i let go of you.....it's killing me
so according to my friend smoking
is worse than drinking
she drinks i smoke she doesnt
see her problem at least im trying to
stop smoking and drugs so yea
shes a hypocrite
Xanax helps bury the pain
just found out my grandpa died.......
not feelin too good right about now
now i have xanax this makes it seem
like a full day of school tomorrow will
be managable