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Hi, this is my story account.
No one really knows that I looove to write.
Oh well, I have my Witty girls for that(:
I hope you like my stories, once I finish
I plan on starting a new, better story.
Feedback is amazing, love you awlll;*

Quotes by fearless_xo

I could tell you that his

favorite color's yelow,
his birthday is July 24th,
he's 16 years old,
he has the most amzing blue eyes,  
he remembers everything I've ever told him,
he can quote every single line in all of the Harry Potter movies,
he loves quoting Mean Girls,
his friends are hilarious, just like him,
they have a million inside jokes,  
he knows exactly how to make me smile,  
and he's the only thing that makes me happy.
He's on my mind 24/7.
But if you asked me if I loved him? I'd lie.