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Heyy!! im Felecia..i live in Belmont NY...Im 17 an yea if ya wanna know something about me ask!!

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truth is everyone is going to hurt you,
you just gotta find the ones worth suffering for.

-bob marley
when you think about it
you never really get over
your ex. you just move on
as hard as you try to forget
you just can't. You'll talk about
him with you friends you use
him to give advice to your kids
when you grow up.
so chose wisely because
you'll never get over him.
&+ if you get the chance to be with someone amazing,
don't take it for granted
love with all you have
but most of all,
never ever 
regret something that once made you smile
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This quote does not exist.
→ You  may not be her first , her last , her only.
She  loved  before she  may    l o v e   again.
But, if she loves you now, what else matters?
She's n o t perfect. And, you a r e n ' t either,
And , the two of you  may  never  be perfect
t o g e t h e r.   But ,  if  she  can  make  you
laugh, Cause you to think twice, and admit
to being human and making m i s t a k e s;
Hold onto her. And, give her the  most  you
can. She may not be thinking of you e v e r y
second of the day. But,  she  will   give  you a
part of him that he knows you can  - brake -
h e r  h e a r t !  So ,   don't  hurt  her.  Don't
change her. Don't analyze and expect more
then she can give. Smile when she makes you
happy. Let her k n o w when she makes you
mad, And  miss her when she's not  t h e r e.

- Bob Marley.

when it comes down to lovee,
your risking nothing OR
thaat's jst how it is.

it's not up to me anymoree
if you waant me in youur lifee ,
  you'll find a waay to puut me there . 
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                                              boy i didnt fall for you 
                                     you tripped