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Gender: M
I'm a pretty, pretty princess!

It's not being called gay. It's being called

Bitch, I'm fabulous.

my sisters doing.
facts about me:
-I'm the guy in the middle
-Mexican, proud of it
-My amazing sister's CallMeMari
-My amazing cousin is CallMeItzel (yes, they are very close)

Which Hogwarts house will you be sorted into?

-Music I listen to is Coldplay, Linkin Park, 
Papa Papa Roach, Seether, Breaking Benjamin, Pierce the Veil, Black Veil Brides, All American Rejects, All time low, Icon for hire, Paramore, Red, Apocalyptica, rise against, .Hollywood undead, sick puppies, 
Panic at the Disco, lost autumn
- I was born on October 26 if you really want to know(get it? fern26?)
-My favorite color is blue, dark indigo blue
-I like tacos...
-On my free time I like to go on youtube and witty
-I can't sing but I do it anyway to annoy my sister
-i'm really wired around my friends, but when I’m in class you hear nothing from me.
-me and my sis will love each other  one day and be at our necks the next.
i like to read manga, my favorits are: say i love you, GE good ending, drifters, and shaman king, and one piece.
-i love anime .

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Quotes by fern26

I'm to young to understand what love is, but with her I want to learn, and I know that I want to be with her, but it take to people for a relationship, so in the end it all comes down to what ever she wants.
I always made fun of my friend for telling me that he fell in love, and he would tell me that he loved her from the bottom of his heart. I would tell him that he can't use that word in High school, that we're to young to understand what that is, but with her I want to learn what it is.

I Just Want A Kiss.
What you don't know will leave a scar.
Brother: If you have 4 apples and your friend takes 1  how many do you have left?
Me: 4, my friends don't take my food.
Sister: False, you don't eat apples you eat cake. (paints at stomach)This proves it.
Me: (lifts shirt)THIS PROVES NOTHING!!!
 (Walks away)
I actually found a metal band that sings and screams in Spanglish!!
I like e'm.

I have a habit of not talking when girls I think are cute are around, so I don't say anything stupid.
it's not the end, it maters how your going to finish.
Are you gonna finish strong?

Nick Vujicii
reading video game memes,
Meme: Players look for Bi+ches, Gamers look for their princes.