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Hello Loves I'm Siarra Cortes !  Ima  A Directioner Of Course  I Love Them With All My Heart
I Am Mexican And American I Love To Sing I Have Hazel Eyes And Brown Hair
Demi Lovato Is My Inspiration Also And Cher llyod
































































































































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  Hey there lovelies!
Well umm, my computer broke.
So umm yeahh and I don't know if I should start writing again I have no idea
what to do.
I think I might write again but maybe not fanfiction who knows
thank you anyways for reading !!!!
When I Was Your Man.
Harry Styles  Fanfic
Chapter 2 .
Avalines Pov

I hear my mom yelling from downstairs, I get up from my bed and go to the family room. I look at my mom and she has the biggest smile on her face, I scrunch my eyebrows together
"Mom you're not pregnant, right?" I ask worried, which makes my mom burst out in laughter.
She shakes her head and goes back to her smile
  "Liam and the boys, are staying for the summer!" My mom exclaims, I squeal in excitement and my mom does the same.
I haven't seen Liam since about 4 months ago, and well the boys also I loved the boys they're like my brothers.
I remember that Harry is coming also and my smile turns in a frown, my mom see's and gives me a sympathetic smile
"Honey I know Harry is coming but you have Aiden with you now." I nod,  and remember Aiden my already 3 month boyfriend.
I met him at a park when I broke up with Harry, Aiden helped me move on and I fell in love with him. My mom snaps me back to reality and says , "The boys will be here in about four hours, and we are going to go and pick them up so get ready!" I jolt up from the couch and run to my room.
Harrys Pov

As the plane lands we unbuckle ourselves, and go to the waiting room I look around and no sign of Avaline. I sigh and Louis give me a small pat on the back seeing I was looking for Avaline.
We follow Liam, and he takes us to the baggage claim "Guys look my mum!" Liam exclaims and runs, over to her.
We all chuckle at Liam's excitement and follow him to were him and his mom are hugging, I hug Karen and she gives me a smile.
After mine and Avaline's break up Karen still treated me like her son, and Liam still treated me like a brother, I was so worried they would hate me but they understood.
I hear soft giggles, I pull away from Karen and there I see Avaline giggling and holding hands with another guy, she still hasn't seen me.
When she turns around we make eye contact and then she breaks our eye contact
I frown and felt my heart break.
I look away and go next to Louis he gives me a sad smile and I give him the fake,smile I have always put on.
Avaline untangles her hand from her new boyfriend had and hugs Liam and tells him how much she had missed him.
When she is done hugging the boys she stand in front of me and gives me a smile
"Hey Hazza, its nice to see you." she embraces me in a hug, and that's when I feel all the sparks come through me.
I hug her back and feel warm when she pull away she stands, next to Aiden who introduced himself already.
Aiden wraps his arms around her waist and pull her back so she has her back against his chest I felt a pang in my heart.
That should be me, but I screwed up.

Hello this is just a filler so now you see Aiden
And Avalines Pov
Well Fave Please
s really good to be back on here it feels like home
Stay Stunning
- Cece xoxo

When I Was Your Man.
Harry Styles  Fanfic
Chapter 1 .

Avaline Payne and Harry Styles were together for almost two years. Harry made a big mistake which leaded to make Avaline walk out of his life.
After One Directions tour, the boys decide to spend the summer at the Payne's house.
Harry soon comes face to face with Avaline, He see's that a new man has walked into Avalines life.
Will Harry just sit there and watch the love of his life move on or will he fight for her?
Harrys Pov
"Guys we did great! But now that the tour is over, we are going to stay in my house." Liam smiled, I hear the boys agree to Liam's plan.
I slowly nod showing its fine "Then I suggest, we start packing for the summer!" Zayn shouts, which makes us all laugh.
I go to my room and shut the door and slowly slid onto the floor. If we're staying at Liam's  place that means I have to see Avaline, Liam's sister.
I sighed and remember all our special memories that I destroyed, I missed hearing her laughter, seeing her smile, and holding her.
I missed our late night skype calls, I missed crashing my lips into hers, I missed hearing her soft voice say 'I love you'.
I messed up and I was planning to get her back no matter how hard it is, I need my Avaline back into my life.
I have been suffering these past years without her.


Hey Guys Siarra Here, I thought maybe this would be better then the other fanfic!
I got Inspired to write this by the Bruno Mars Song
'When I Was Your Man' So Listen To It And You Will Understand Why .
Okay I Think I Might Stick With This Story
Don't Know So Fave It Please (:
Thank You
-Cece xoxo


Over Again .
One Direction Fanfic
Chapter 1 .
Kaylins Pov

I get home from school and drop my backpack on the floor, tired of carrying all my books since today was the last day of high school.
I hear laughter coming from the family room confused, I walk over to the family room and open the door.
I see my mum talking to some lady laughing about something my mum said I walk over to my mum.
My mum stops laughing and gives me a bright smile "Hey honey, how was the last day?" my mum asks I smile "Fine but not to be rude, but who is this lady?" I question looking at the lady with brown hair who is giving me a slight smile.
My mum laughs a bit "Honey this is, Karen Payne she just moved in with her son Liam." My mum introduced us I smile at Karen
"Hello Karen I'm Kaylin nice to meet you!" I smile, while shaking her hand.
Karen smiles at me "Nice to meet you, I think Liam is the same age as you." Karen tells me, wow I'm surprised I mean, there is no kid the same age as me in this block.


I hear my mom calling me from downstairs "Kaylin, sweetie come over here!" My mom yells.
I get up and go downstairs to the family room,"Yes mom?" I ask, looking at my mom "Sweetie go to Karen's house and ask her if she has any flour, I can't go I have to take a shower." My mom explains.
I nod and got to Karen's house I knock on the door and look at the floor studying my old worn out shoes I hear someone clear their throat.
I look up and my eyes meet with brown ones "H-hi. . . Is karen home?" I stutter, why am I stuttering infront of this boy? I never stutter I mean, I never act like this with boys.
 I bit my lip force of habit when I'm nervous "yeah come in, by the way I'm Liam you must be Kaylin." Liam smiled, I blushed he already knew my name?!
I hear Liam chuckle, "I know your name because my mom talks non-stop,about you ever since I came home." He says "I can see why since you're really beautiful."
I felt my heart racing my palms sweating, why am I feeling this? I barely met Liam and I'm acting, all lovey dovey.
This is something I never felt like, before.


Hello Directioners, Its Siarra
Yes I'm back I wanted to try this out.
I haven't been on Witty, this really has changed.
So maybe you like this fanfic, I don't know.
Worth a shot
Tell me if you like it ?!
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He Saved My Life

1D Fanfic ♥
Authors Note

Hello My Beautiful Readers
I Need To Tell You Some News . . .
I Will Not Be Writing This Story
Because I Feel Like I'm Losing Readers
And The Story Is Going Now Where.
I Have No Ideas.
The Good Thing Is I Will Still Be Writing I Might
Post The Prolouge Of My New Story So Please Read It !

I'm So Sorry
Love You So So So Much

Stay Stunning
-Cece xoxo

He Saved My Life

1D Fanfic ♥
Chapter 17

Dylan Pov
"Hey,guys I'm going to Starbucks." I informed the girls they nodded and kept looking at clothes I laughed.
I started walking to Starbucks once I got in the warm air greeted me I got in line and waited until I could order.
Once, it was finally my turn I looked at the menu until the cashier came back I wasn't paying attention when someone cleared their throat.
I looked down and saw a boy with brown hair and blue eyes he gave me a warm smile "Hello, I'm Jake and what can I get you beautiful?" Jake asked,
I felt my cheeks go warm I giggled and bit my lip.
I took a deep breath "I will, have the ice coffee with extra caramel." I said pulling out my money Jake nodded and started my coffee.
Once Jake called my name I went to the counter and got my coffee, Jake called me I turn around and go over to him.
"Hey, I was wondering if you can give me you're number?" He asked, I smiled and we both exchanged numbers.
I got out of Starbucks with a huge smile on my face I saw the girls at the food court I went over to them.
I rushed over to them they all looked at me and smirked "Who, is he?" Perrie asked, I looked at her and giggled
"His name is Jake met him at Starbucks." I smiled they all 'awwed' I roll my eyes and giggled "Ready?" I asked they all nodded and we left.
As I was walking I smiled who could of known that Starbucks is a great place to meet a cute person?

Hello Beautifuls !
I Hope You Had A Great Christmas
Chapter Kinda Sucks But Please Fave
Anways What Do You Think Of Jake ( ;
Fave Pleaseeee
I Would Love You Forever And Ever c;
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He Saved My Life

1D Fanfic ♥
Chapter 16

Dylan Pov
"Dylan are you up?" I hear Danielle's voice ask me while I was laying down in bed I open my eyes and sit up "I am , now." I said which made Danielle giggle.
She walks over to my bed and gives me a smile "You did great last night." She said,reminding me about the concert yesterday I gave her a little smile "Thanks still can't believe I did it." I said a bit proud.
"Well come one we're going shopping before we go to America." Danielle said and left the room so I can change.
I changed into a simple tank top and my black shorts with my Toms I go to the kitchen and see everyone eating "Morning." I said grabbing a glass of milk and toast.
"Morning." I hear everyone say I sit down next to Harry he  gives me a hug "Love you rocked the stage yesterday." Harry said which made me blush a bit.
I thanked him "Well If you excuse us bit we are going shopping so we will come back later." Perrie said grabbing me by the hand and taking me outside.
We went to Liam's car where all the girls where at sitting waiting for Perrie and I "Finally!" Eleanor exclaimed, "I've been waiting here for ever, but Dylan was to bust flirting with Harry!" she joked I felt like my cheeks where turning redder by the second.
When we got to the mall Perrie quickly took us to the Nail Salon to get out nail's done.
I sat down next to Brooke while Perrie,Eleanor,and Danielle we're still choosing what color they we're going to pick for their nails.
"So, Dylan how are you and Harry?" Brooke asked
"Great I think I mean he never has mentioned, about us being a couple." I said while biting my lip.
It was true I mean Harry never has asked me on a date or anything he,
just kisses me and well that's about it I don't really know if we are a couple or not.
Brooke send me a small smile "Don't worry , just give him some time the same thing happened to Niall and I and now look at us, we are together." She said, I nodded I do need to give him some time maybe that's it.
I mean I still feel unsure about it was Harry just using me did he look at me as a girl that was going on tour with them.
I mean for Harry its easy to give me a hug or a kiss but for me its hard because
I just  Fell head over heels for the Harry Styles

Hello Last Chapter Was So Sucky I felt Like Ripping My Hair Out!
Anyways I Really Hope You Like This One (:
I Won't Be On Because I'm Going To Texas For Like Five
Days To Spend Christmas.
But Don't Worry I will Post Asap !
Now You See How Dylan Feels For Harry!
Hope You Like It Fave Pretty Please I Will Love You Forever !
And Ever And Ever (:
Stay Stunning
And Happy Holidays And New Year  !
-Cece xoxo ♥

He Saved My Life

1D Fanfic ♥
Chapter 15
~Three Days Later~

Dylan Pov

"Are you okay?" Danielle ask  as we we're backstage my head I felt nervous I have never sang in-front of a crowd.
In a couple of minutes I will be singing I took deep breaths
"Don't worry love you will be alright."Perrie reassures me with a warming smile I sigh"Thanks,Perrie." I said.
I felt arms slip and wrap around my waist I look up and see a curly haired boy I smile at him
"Love you will be alright just sing and smile." Harry said, I look at him and suddenly the nervous fade I nod and peck his lips.
"Okay Dylan,you're up next." One of the staffs inform me I look at everyone they give me a thumbs up I smile and start heading to the stage I grab the mic and slowly go to the stage.
The spot light hits me following me as
I take a seat I slowly look up and see millions of girls with Posters and shirts and cameras
I slowly pull the mic up to my mouth.
I hear the beat of 'Girl on Fire' that's my cue to sing , I start singing and hit all the right notes slowly the music stops.
All I hear is cheering "Thank so much!" I scream and head backstage everyone give me a warm smile as they see me and run over to me and give me a big huge. "Dylan that was perfect!" Eleanor exclaims, I giggle and hug her again.
The boys go on stage and sing while I'm backstage with the girls singing along and laughing with them.
This is how I wanted to be like has the best friends I can count on and will make me feel happy.

Hello Sorry For This Being A Sucky Chappie
Hope You Like It Fave Please .
Stay Stunning ♥
-Cece xoxo
He Saved My Life

1D Fanfic ♥
Chapter 14

Dylan Pov

I wake up and feel strong arms wrapped around my waist I smile knowing it was Harry I turn the other side and face him.
I peck his lips he opens his green eyes and gives me a cute smile "Morning love." He said,with his cute morning voice I bit my lip "morning." I smiled.
I got up and went to the kitchen  Danielle was drinking tea "Morning,Dani." I said and walk over to her "Morning,love." she replies back,"Ready to talk to Simon?" My eyes go wide,
"Oh,my god I totally forgot about Simon!" I scream I grab my purse and car keys and head out to my flat.
I run in and take a shower
dry my hair put it up in a high bun I put on a white shirt with my high black waisted shorts,my gold sandals. My phone goes off I run over to it "hello?" I said,checking if my hair is okay for the fifth time.
"Dylan where are you? we need to see Simon in about 20 minutes." Harry said,"Oh okay can you guys pick me up I'm ready." I asked grabbing my stuff


"Hello,Ms.Dylan Jacobs" Simon greeted me "Hi Simon." I smiled and shake his hand
"Take a seat." He said and gestures me to sit down"Thanks you." I said and sit down with everyone else. "
Okay lets get started Dylan,you wil be touring with the boys and it will last for about six months,also it starts in about three days." Simon,informs me I nod showing that I understand.
"Okay,any questions?" Simon ask I nod
"Can the girls come?" I asked and bit my lip Simon looked at the girls then at me.
"Sure,now you just need to sign these papers and you are done!" He smiled handing me papers and a pen.
"I'm so happy to be touring with you." Harry whispers in my ear as we get in his car 
I smile "I promise you won't forget it."
He contiuned and pecked me in the lips I smiled
" I hope not." I said and leaned in to kiss him.

OutFit: http://www.polyvore.com/chappie/set?id=65837994
Next Chapter Will Be Like Three Days Later
Eeeepppp Tour haha.
So I Found Out That My Cousin Like One Direction
I Was Screaming And Making Wierd Noises
Thats How I Show How Happy I Am I Know,I Know I'm Wierd
Don't Judge .
-Cece x
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26 Angels.
  It's so sad to see parents crying and children crying. Words can't even explain how sad,shocked,mad I am right now. Its so sad for those parents to unwrap those Christmas presents and return them,to not see their happy little faces as they open their presents. To not tuck in their child in bed and kiss them good nignt or see them graduate and see them grow up. Today was a regular day for us but for those Parents their world just feel apart not seeing their child's. For all those that still have hope to see their beautiful child's faces. I was crying when I read the letters those children seeing that their life would be ending in a bit. How can you look into the eyes of an innocent six-year old and shot them? Today 26 angels are in heaven some are playing,some are watching their parents and some are talking to god.

R.I.P Those 26 Angels♥