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HELLOOOOO, fellow wittians! Sup? (Come on- I'm not that bad at being cool am I?) Anyway...Fiona here- I'm from England, I'm 14, ALMOST five foot tall (yeah i'm a midget...) I love witty and even though I don't make quotes all that often I'm always still  on here even if it's just to comment or fave other wittian's quotes! (Oh yeah i love to write sarcastic comments and other crap like that...) I love food, a lot, and also I love music and play the keyboard and euphonium (don't know what it is? Google it!!) and I'm single (but not as single as a pringle because they are wedged between all these guy pringles and I bet they all flirt with eachother- so a message to all pringles. Cut the cr.ap and starting acting single) anyway there you go my profile! Enjoy Love, Fiona Xxx :)

Quotes by fibomidget

The Birthday Cats
They real

The Birthday Cats
They real

I'm so glad that Starbucks has free wi-fi
Believe me, If you look like your passport photo, you're way too sick to travel
Computer: There was an error adding your comment. Slow down my friend.

*Me and mum making dinner*
Mum: Don't prod the dumplings!
Me: ...

Lol i love my family x
My perfect date ( If I had a boyfriend :/ ) He would take me ice skating on an outdoor ice rink and hold my hand all the way round. He would lend me his jacket if I got cold and stop me from falling over. Then he'd take me to either have a moonlit picnic (sigh) or take me to an italian restaurant and we'd share spaghetti (like in lady and the tramp). Finally he would take me home and kiss me goodbye. If only x So what would your dream date be? xx
That awful moment when
Your best friend gets higher than you in a test
Instead of encouraging you
She smirks and boasts that
She always beats you.

That happened to me today...
Comment your name
and I'll say one
that sounds good
with it
Earth without
Is just