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HELLOOOOO, fellow wittians! Sup? (Come on- I'm not that bad at being cool am I?) Anyway...Fiona here- I'm from England, I'm 14, ALMOST five foot tall (yeah i'm a midget...) I love witty and even though I don't make quotes all that often I'm always still  on here even if it's just to comment or fave other wittian's quotes! (Oh yeah i love to write sarcastic comments and other crap like that...) I love food, a lot, and also I love music and play the keyboard and euphonium (don't know what it is? Google it!!) and I'm single (but not as single as a pringle because they are wedged between all these guy pringles and I bet they all flirt with eachother- so a message to all pringles. Cut the cr.ap and starting acting single) anyway there you go my profile! Enjoy Love, Fiona Xxx :)