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Quotes by fighting_to_live

I never understood why people would congratulate/make a big deal about birthdays, it never made sense to me why it was such a big occasion because all you were doing was living - but now through the years I have understood why, I know understand the struggle involved in living in making it to your next birthday. I know understand why birthdays should be celebrated and that makes me kinda sad.
In the shoe world I would be the crocs.
I'm not ready to be an adult, can't I just go back to the times when going to the toilet on time by myself was an achievement and when my only worry was trying to watch winnie the pooh on time or trying to figure out which shoe goes on which foot. I'm seriously not ready to grow up
And thank you weather for always being there for me during awkward conversations
I keep thinking every time it will be different but you see it never is, but somehow that doesn't seem to stop me hoping that one day it will all be ok
Plot twist: I'm actually so incredibly pretty I look ugly to the human eye
I was out with some family today and there was this group of boys standing checking all the girls out and loudly saying who they would go out with and complimenting them so I desperately tried to avoid the group of boys but one of them pointed to me and said " urgh not her ever she's too ugly" and all the other boys agreed and starting laughing at me. At least I made someone laugh
Rubbing your eyes and forgetting you're wearing eyeliner and/or mascara
Once upon a time there was this girl who would cry herself to sleep every night, question her self worth, her value to the world. Everything she did was wrong, everything was her fault, nobody cared about her not even when she slowly began to fade. She hated not only the reflection in the mirror but every single inch of her body and soul. Her heart was heavy with pain, her smile was tried of being something its not, she doesn't know what to do anymore, she doesn't feel like shes worth the fight. if only I could go back and save this girl, but this girl is lost in an unhappy whirlwind of tears, pain and the constant hatred towards herself. And for this girl there is no happy ever after
And this kind of pain just doesn't disappear