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to infinity and beyond.

   those little brats14    don't you worry your pretty little mind, people throw rocks at things that shine.
my name's ronie. i'm a creative person with a huge imagination. i can be a nerd, but i'm not afraid to be myself. my whole life basically revolves around just having fun. i love making new friends so comment me, i would love to talk(: 


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dancechica97 1 decade ago
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yooooooooooo is this syd?!?!
fightingshadows 1 decade ago
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read/reply/delete ♥
except for the one's that made me smile
kelsierf 1 decade ago
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hello beautiful. i hope everythings going okay for you in your life. if not, just remember. things will get better in time. you are an incredible person. inside and out. follow your dreams, and never give up. people come and go, but you'll always have yourself. stay true to who you are. never let anyone bring you down, you are an amazing girl. stay gorgeous, and don't forget to smile.

xoxo, kelsie.