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oh hey.
my name's kirsten and my favorite color is rainbow.
oh and i'm takenn.


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i was just thinking also,
i really hope i'm with you for a long time<3"



"you're the best girlfriend
we're the perfect match



not being able to spend valentine's day with him


"you know where i would be right now if it wasn't for my a**hole parents?
look to your left, i would be right there."

he is literally the best.<3



paragraph 1: i went to britain with kirsten. we went to kidnap hot british boys so we could learn british accents because they don't sell british people on ebay.

paragraph 2: while in england, we met up with kate. we went to babys 'r us and helped her pick out baby stuff and then we had tea and scones with her and william and helped brainstorm names. we decided that if it was a girl it was gonna be kirsten and if it was a boy it was gonna be ashley.

paragraph 3: as we were leaving buckinham palace, we noticed some of those impassive guards with the big fluffy hats. we made it our mission to get them to talk, or show some type of emotion. we taunted them from noon all the way til the next morning, and finally i said kirsten lets go and one of them said, thats a weird name and they all said yes and we rejoiced in victory.

paragraph 4: here are some facts about england: it is full of english people, there are hot guys that we bought to be our bffs, they drink a lot of tea. their accents are awesome. it's called england and is in europe. their kings used to be really fat and mean.

paragraph 5: THE KIDNAPPING for the next few days of our trip we walked around england looking for some really hot british guys with even hotter british accents. once we found them, we stalked them. when they went home we snuck in through the windows and then kidnapped them. they didn't know what hit them cuz we were like ninjas. on the plane ride back to america we found out that one of the three was gay. so we decided that i could have one, kirsten could have one, and then we could share the gay one as our gay guy best friend. when we set foot in america the three boys rejoiced and thanked us for saving them from rainy england.


i'm hungry.

..but, srsly, what else is new?


i reallllly don't want to be old.


that little red box of joy
when you log on to witty.


no, no- it's cool.
just go and ignore my text messages...
it's not like i want to
actually talk to you or anything..


1-877- KARS-4-KIDS

that is now stuck in your head forever.
you're welcome.