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oh hey.
my name's kirsten and my favorite color is rainbow.
oh and i'm takenn.


Quotes by findingn3mo13

when he texts you first saying,
"how are you so beautiful?"
and you're just all like


that horrible feeling
of missing someone. :/


i reallllly don't want to do my homework...


You are in a relationship with Him
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and it's absolutely amazing. :)<3333


those moods where you're just like,
"f*ck.everything." -_-


i love him.<3


*my friend: "so, how was the visit?"
*him: "best weekend of my life."


...and i'd cross the ocean for you--
oh wait, i already have<3


i'm going to go take a hot shower.
it's like a normal shower.. but with me in it.


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