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Hello Beautiful!

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Where to start?
I've  had depression for several years, starting from... I don't really remember when; when I was about 11 I think. I self- harm, have for maybe3 years now, and have attempted suicide a few times.

I really would love to be one of thiose people who can list off a heap of friends, but I'm not going to bother because my list would have maybe 4 people on it... people you should follow is a bit easier though:

-LivingDisaster (Teneale)
-_unknown_ (Anastasia)
-Sierrafreek (Jake)
-AmyBird66 (Amy)

...Or maybe it's not so easy. Let me know if you want to be added to my list :)

Follow for a follow?

If you ever need someone to talk to, my email address is
Feel free to email me whenever about whatever, I don't mind if we've never spoken.

Stay strong!
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Quotes by fionarose

That moment when you realise that you have a problem,
But then you realise that maybe you don't want to fix it,

And then you finally actually understand...
It burns on your tongue, then all the way down
But once it's in your blood, all the memories drown
Welcome to the generation where
Loyalty is just a tattoo,
Love is just a quote,
And lying is the new truth
So when I die
You can have my guilt,
Pay the price
Of the coffin you built
I'm done with tears
And everything more
This is th nd
Of an open door
First it burns,

Then it calms to a fuzzy kind of warm.

But then there's the numbness.

And that's what I need.
I sit here crying, remembering.

But do you remember what tomorrow would have been?

Do you even remember me?
I've cried a river or two,

Trying to work out what to do.

I stay?

Do I go?

at is what I do not know.

Am I happy or sad,

appy or sad?

ell me, is our love enough?

Is it enough to stop the tears?

shall I leave it be,

nly a memory.


Oh, how to stop these memories?

Of lonely nights,

Not long ago,

Of the warmth of another's touch.

Do I stay?

Do I go?

That is what I do not know.

To live in memories of a time passed by,

Or to live in a place of uncertainty.

m I happy or sad,

Happy or sad?

Someone please tell me so.

Alcohol is my only friend,
The bottom of the bottle will be my end
It sucks how everything can be going great, and you know you should be happy...

But you just aren't...
Just as things start getting good again,
Everything begins to crumble