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Hello Beautiful!

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Where to start?
I've  had depression for several years, starting from... I don't really remember when; when I was about 11 I think. I self- harm, have for maybe3 years now, and have attempted suicide a few times.

I really would love to be one of thiose people who can list off a heap of friends, but I'm not going to bother because my list would have maybe 4 people on it... people you should follow is a bit easier though:

-LivingDisaster (Teneale)
-_unknown_ (Anastasia)
-Sierrafreek (Jake)
-AmyBird66 (Amy)

...Or maybe it's not so easy. Let me know if you want to be added to my list :)

Follow for a follow?

If you ever need someone to talk to, my email address is
Feel free to email me whenever about whatever, I don't mind if we've never spoken.

Stay strong!
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Quotes by fionarose

It could have been worse

But it should have been better
Can anyone recommend any good blogs?

I've decided to follow a couple of blogs but don't know of any good ones

Thank you
These wounds don't seem to heal

This pain is just too real
Let's be alone together

We can stay young forever

Scream it at the top of your lungs

I'll check in tomorrow
If I don't wake up dead
I finally know what you are.

You're the one who got away,
You're the one never coming back.
Once you get used to falling asleep in someone's arms,
Never again will you sleep alone
So I'm a month clean,
Almost gave in last night,
But I didn't!

I seriously didn't think I would last so long,
And if I can do it so can anyone else
And I love the taste of your name on my lips
I guess I didn't want to see it, I never ish myself see how different our worlds are...

He sent me a photo of him holding a huge, dangerous snake with a huge smile on his face because he caught it

And my reply?

My reply was a photo of me in a pretty dress and heels smiling for him

He is spending the next few months in the middle of no where working on a property

What am I doing?

Getting ready for formal- that means hair appointments, nail appointments, make up trials etc and getting ready to start uni

Who would have thought that he and I would be so different but such close friends... now I understand why he thinks we're too different...
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