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hi :)
i'm erin.  i am also hydrasport2728.  felt like a needed a new account :D
i'll take any request you want.  just leave the standard request stuff (color, format, quote, etc).

i want to specifically thank Dare2Request for supplying most of the beautification intructions for my quotes =)

What's up, guys?  I'm Erin, freshman in highschool, blow out the candles on the 21st of May.   Music takes up a good chunk of my time, piano and guitar are the 2 intruments that i play.  Currently I'm going through a Beatles phase, but I mean it when I say that I get by with a little help from my friends.  Basketball, lax, snowboarding, and swimming are my main sports.  I don't know if boating counts as a sport, but if it does, then it's probably my favorite.  Summer is certainly the time of year that I have the most fun.  I plan on becoming a marine biologist and moving somewhere warmer when I grow up, if that ever happens.  Although I love my quaint little town and all of it's inhabitants, I'd rather be somewhere tropical.  I love certain classes in school, especially lunch ;-) and as odd as it may be, refereeing soccer games is how I fill the wallet.

"The love you make is equal  to the love you take." ~John Lennon

Music:  Coldplay, U2, Jimmy Buffett, James Taylor, Billy Joel, The Beatles, The Killers, The Cure, The Beach Boys, The Lonely Island, Fleetwood Mac, Crosby Stills & Nash, John Mayer, The Bravery, Erin McCarely, Taylor Swift, The Fray, Owl City, Jupiter One, Paramore, Jason Mraz, Maroon 5, Metro Station, Sara Bareilles, Ingrid Michaelson, Ben Folds, Eric Clapton, Sting, The Police, Relient k, Plain White T's, The Postal Service, Matchbox Twenty, Goo Goo Dolls, Five for Fighting, R.E.M., lot's more that i cant name

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Spring is coming
                                              A   N   D       W   E      L   L       A   L   L        B   E       S   A   V   E   D 



Everywhere I look, people have found someone to share their lives with.
I don't think anyone is looking for me.
Life is good. 
               Everyone just      o v e r r e a c t s .
I know one day I'm going to regret leaving this small town
[ a n d   n o t   t a k i n g   y o u   w i t h   m e . ]
xSxExCxRxExTx x8x2x0x
I've explained my life goals to many. 
[ N O B O D Y  H A S  E V E R  T O L D  M E  I  C O U L D  D O  I T ]


Your random late-night calls have saved my life.
[ M O R E  T H A N  O N C E ]

ecret #584
I saw you staring at me in the hall today.
[ I ' V E  N E V E R  F E L T  M O R E  B E A U T I F U L ]

Secret 409
I'd take an adorable band geek over a sweaty, muscley football player any day.


I cried and cried at your funeral.
[ B U T  I  W A S  R E A L L Y  C R Y I N G  F O R  M Y S E L F ]