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jessica.fifteen~love life. 
the three most important people in my life-
btp,010910<3; clc [the girl i am most jealous of]; cjn, my girl.
home is where the heart is#

Quotes by firefliie

when you walk away i count the steps that you take
d o   y o u   s e e   h o w   m u c h   i   n e e d   y o u   r i g h t   n o w ?


If i ignore it, maybe it will all go away.... 


that I don't fit in with my friends.


"Timmy, where'd you get all this stuff?"
"Uh... Internet!"
-Fairly Odd Parents. 

she screams in her pillow
[for a better tomorrow]


i don't get it when a couple break up
and the guy gets a new girlfriend, this happens; 

oh she likes my seconds?
                         i had a sandwich for lunch, want those scraps too?

so, after you break up with a guy,
he's never allowed another girlfriend?

oh. seems fair. 

when you look at me with those 

//cinematic eyes; 
I wanna play the part but I'm
   messing up the lines.


i'm trying my
hardest here.


             theknoyou're lonely, thewilonlbreayouheart


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