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jessica.fifteen~love life. 
the three most important people in my life-
btp,010910<3; clc [the girl i am most jealous of]; cjn, my girl.
home is where the heart is#

Quotes by firefliie

he tastes like autumn first thing in the morning
and sends me sweet nothings late at night
he kisses one cheek and then the other to keep things even
and rubs his fingers along my spine
he's tall enough to rest his chin on top of my head
and his thumb is about the size of my middle finger
he compliments me on days my hair looks the worst
and never fails to make me feel beautiful
he pokes my belly button to give me shivers
and tickles me under my knees
he offers to buy me lunch when i forget my own
and gives me his jacket if i'm cold
he reminds me he loves me every chance he gets
and he really means it

010910 <3

no body will break you
no body will break you
no body will break you

hey moon,
lease forget

  to fall down.

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21 . 05 . 2012
today marks three years since my amazing nana passed away. 
i still think of you even though you're in heaven.
rest in peace nana, i love you so much


let’s move a little bit closer;
talk a little bit softer

I am lost without you by my side.nmf

have faith in me,

cause there are
things that i've seen 

you won't believe.

i have this ugly thing on my face called my face.
- my friend

what made you think that he
couldn't find the door in the morning, 
when he found that bed so easily

in the dark? 

it worries me
how little you think of your own life. 

Don’t tell me to fight,

to fight for you,

after this long
[ I s h o u l d n ' t h a v e t o ]


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