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well my names jasmine orlando. i was born in connecticut but i live in north carolina. my birhday is the twenty first of june. i am 13 years old at the time. my friends tell me i have really good advice. i can help anyone through anything without hesitaion. all my friends come to me for help. i dont care what anyone thinks of me what so ever. i can be a bitch sometimes but its always for a good reason like standing up for my friends or myself. i will tell you straight up what i think with out a care. dont try and change anything i do, say, believe in, or think because it wont make any effect or differnce towards me. im VERY independent. i speak my mind like nobody else. well, get to know me and you may like me if you get to know me better. i dont make many quotes lately because ive been sort of busy. well, comment, follow, and favorite.(:
hey, Its skyler...Jasmine is my Best Friend! well I love her soooooo much more then anybody on witty and thats a true fact. (the one who got me hooked on witty!)

Quotes by fireice555

wanna play a game? its called f**k off. 

"There are a million ways to bleed, but you are by far my favorite."
my boyfriend told me we cant hangout this weekend because he doesnt exist.
*me crying right now*
okay im good
*1 minute later*
*balls into tears*
on a quiet night when im alone, i think of you until break of dawn. i miss your face, i miss your smile, i havent seen you in awhile. i close my eyes so i can see the memories of you and me. the love and laughs we have shared and all the time that you have spared. then a surge of sadness from within; i cant stop the tears from rushing in. i miss the way you hold me tight, oh how i wish you were here tonight. i start to feel this pain inside and no matter what i cannot hide, i always try but i always fail. i cant help myself if my heart is frail.

*my pathetic attempt to write a poem type thing.*
it really makes me mad when i hear people say, "i dont have a valentine for valentine's day." well, some people dont have a mother on mother's day or a father on father's day, so shut up.
i dont know if i should be worried or not..
me and my boyfriend are texting and this is whats happening:
him: (  .  Y  .  )
me: why did you just send boobs..?
him: Bc their mine
me: you dont have bobs
him: Yes i do
me: no you dont
him: how do you know you havent gotten that far yet

every 11:11 i wished for love.
i got what i wished for,
but also got screwed over,
when you didn't love me back.
you're the one
who keeps me up at night
thinking about how we'd
look together in the future.
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