Status: I just read a titan pad and apparently all of my friends hate me. Thank you guys soooo much if your reading this you know who you are thanks
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Hey! my name is Devlin im 13 I am a very athletic

person I play volleyball, and soccer and I run track

and cross country! ;) I love life!<3 If u dont like me thts ur

problem not mine I am hoo I am so take me or leave

me i could care less. I always am with my best friends

ever are Kayla, Sami, and Daniella and  I love them to death! and I love to sing

music is my passion I also play the saxophone;) my

idea is to live life to its fulllest!;D

Quotes by fizzyglowingrock13

Dear Spongebob,
You live in Bikini Bottom and your'e super

absorbent. Face it ...your a tampon
Bella: Your thin, white, and you suck up

blood...I know what you are.

Edward: Say it outloud. Say it!!

Bella: Tampon...

Edward: -_-

Bella: Edward I just changed my tampon

would you like some tea?

Edward: :D
Edward cullen: I got a girl pregnant and she

almost died

Coach from Mean Girls: I TOLD YOU!
*Me making a quote*
Me: Alright lets choose this format
Me: OMG! purple and yellow look so good together!
Me: Oh wait thats LSU colors
Me: No wonder I love there uniforms so much!
Me: I love Kevin Ogletree...
Me: Wait a sec! He's a Cowboys player!
Me: But I hate the Cowboys...
Me: But I love him...
Me: Its like Romeo and Juliet!
Me: Except  I will probably never meet him...ever
Me: OK! I got to get back on track
Me: Alright format
Me: Pink and orange!
Me: whooaaa that was the color of my first braces noooo way bro!
Me: I wonder if I say bro to much...
Me: I should ask someone
Me: Noo that would be akward...
Me: I dont even have the quote ok thinking time!
Me: Come on brain anytime we are all waiting for you
Me: No? You dont wont to cooperate fine!
Me: ummmmmm
Me: Oh f!ck it
Me: *Looks up quote online*
Me: *Posts quote*
Me *Waits*
Me: *No faves*
Me: Well I didnt think it was that funny anways...
Me: *Deletes quote*
Me: *Repeats process*


Dear students,

I know when you are texting in class

nobody just looks down at there crotch

and smiles

Sincerely, your teacher:)
You know how people have that thing

where they think about things before they

say them...yaaa I dont have that...
That akward moment when you are


a story and having to laugh in between

because you think its so funny and after

you tell it theres no reaction...

Just me?

Girl 1: OMG! Did you see that guy on Facebook he was sooo hot!
Girl 2: I know right! So fine!
Me: Guys, guys did you see that quote on witty it was about cats it was so funny I died!
Girl 1: On what?
Me: Of course you wouldnt know you are not a wittian.
Girl 2: seriously what are you saying
Me: Nothing! We are forever alone!
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