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Milford Sound in New Zealand
A picture can tell a thousand words,
It just depends on what thousand words you choose...

Milford Sound in New Zealand

Smile, you're beautiful.


Quotes by flowersky

I don't ask you if
could do something,
for you to tell me to ask someone else.

every time I see you because,
I'm thinking about our
future children

30 Day Challenge
Day 2: Your Crush
Mr. Unknown



We grew up together, you laughing with me at my brothers.
"Now I only see you occasionally, but every glance makes me beam with smiles, because every time I see you, it brings back fond memories of what we once were,"

sometimes I think of scenarios where we bump into each other ten years later and we fall madly in love from there and grow old together
Can't wait for you to bump into me!

my final resting place,
will be safely tucked away in my bed,
snoring away
dreaming of fairies
and many stories to say


sleepy do,
sleepy snore

Love will send you on a roller coaster,
that you were happily jumped onto,
expecting hours of fun going over and up and down the tracks, but the reality is,
love isn't that easy nor is it always fun,
there are times where you're meant to work on it and its meant to be hard,
so when you look back on you love life,
you know it was worth it
otherwise it wouldn't be called fighting for your love.


I've got a lovely

bunch of coconuts.
there they are all standing in a row.
big ones, small ones, some as big as your head!

Lion king <3

No words describe a mothers tears
No words can heal a broken heart


Put youfaith
whayou mosbelieve in...

two worlds, one family




You'll be in my



Tarzan <3