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HI (: My name is Haneen, I am 15. My birthday is on January 1st. FRESHMAN BABY!!! I am muslim and palestinian and i am PROUD (: My profiles was frozen from before so i couldnt write anything :\ I have 3 brothers and i am the oldest and only girl.  I have a twitter my on @Haneenkitt. I LOVE ONE DIRECTION!!!!!!!!! But i am one of those people who will tell you to go kill yourself if you hate one direction. Its your opinion(: ummm i am hyper sometimes but to most people i am a shy, polite girl. I love my hoes aka my besties. (: Sadly they dont have a witty. I love bunnies :D (as you can see from my username). Lastly if you need me or want to talk i will be there (: 


Love this beast (: 


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Everyone: OMG i cant wait until 2013 so I can say I haven't showered in a year (;

Me: OMG i cant wait until 2013 so I can say I havent left my computer in a year :P


I wonder is popular girls 
say " I wonder was
it is like being not 


Guess you got "You are not pregent" gift?
Hide all your food and chocolate, I am warning you all now.
Yay, my parents are fighting :\
Did you know that Spongebob ties his
right shoe first? Read that off a shampoo bottle (:

You gotta admit, the bacon 
strips bandges on the witty gift store is pretty cool.


Did you guys notice that when you go to Steve profiles there is a sound that makes you think you got a text o_o 




 If only 

the computer screen made me tan


 You never know what you have
Until you lose it

Format Credit goes to: ThatsSooMeee.


Come to think of it, I have never seen a women taxi driver....  ❤