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And we told everybody, all you need is now

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the colours all turnegray without you~

do you beleive in love at first sight? ♥

one day, you're gonna want to talk.

but maybe i'm not gonna want to listen.

Maybe I should just leave. I mean, it’s not like any of you ever talk to me anyway. </3

And yeah, I guess I made a mistake. But it's not like your slate is clean. We've both done something wrong, but at least

I apologised 


& i don’t care if i melt into the crowd

and my voice is lost, and you don’t want me anymore…


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cas, dean, sammy & leece are amazing ♥

x-jayne-x is super cooool x)


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i just want my best friend back...

I want a cockcake. A purple flavour one with Coffee creme and 100s and 1000s in the shape of a 69.