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It isn't my fault. You cheated , you treated me as a joke. All i tried to do was work with you , believe everything that could possibly come out of your mouth , but you treated me as if i was worthless . Nothing special. All the things you told me were lies . My tears meant nothing to you. But now when you see me on the floor bleeding to death , and knife on the floor wrists cut. Just remember , you did this to me & you didnt even care at a point in time. But im still stupid laying here in my bed in sorrow , crying my eyes out when i shouldnt . You dont even care.. Now Why should i?
 one day he will regret everything he put me through when im offically gone . When im not here for him to  yell at me when hes mad, or  make me feel bad about myself. Him knowing I was probably the only girl that would deal with his non- sence & When he really sits down and thinks about all the things we could of had and gone through and getting stronger in our relationship. He'll come begging on his knees for me back. But too bad I wont be the one to pick him up from his knees anymoree.. Because he is just alittle too late.  Im donee <'3