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I love summer and soccer. I hate math. I loove  my bestfriends. I talk A LOT and love to laugh & cant live without my family<3

Quotes by flywings909

  I like two kinds of guys
Single guys that               Nice, sweet
are a**holes          OR      guys that are                                       in
a relationship

   You know it's ok,
                not to be ok
  That Moment of Shame
  when you throw something into the trash and miss..

We live in the "GTFO" generation


 I NEED motivation so comment your name and for every letter i will...

A- 30 JJ N- Jog (3 min.)
B- 10 crunches. O- 20 squats
C- 15 squats P- Wall sit (1 min.)
D- Wall sit (1 min.) Q- Nothing
E- Jog (3 min.) R- 15 JJ
F- 10 lunges. S- 5 jumps
G- Dance (3 min.) T- 10 push ups
H- 10 JJ U- 5 push ups
I- H20 (1 cup) V- Run (3 min.)
J- Wall sit (1 min.) W- H20 (1 cup)
K- 20 crunches X- 15 jumps
L- H20 (2 cups) Y- 10 lunges
M- 10 jumps Z- Random

(I got this from MessUpChinUp)

                                       That awkward moment

            When you walk into class late and everyone

                    stares at you like you killed someone

Your SO plastic,

                   that i could  R E C Y C LY E you.

                                                         That awkward moment

 When your alone with your friends mom in the car