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I Never Told You by Colbie Caillat
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Hi! my name is Bri:) most of my quotes are either from the heart or lyrics to my favorite songgs:) I'm 14; almost 15 and totally in love with my best friend:) so yeah.... get to know me:) and I hope you enjoy my quotes:)
just fallin' even harder for my best friend. ♥ comment some good ideas about movies or music or if you need advice:) i♥him:)  

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Quotes by footballmunki

you ever love somebody so much
you can barely breathe when you're with them
you meet and neither one of you
even know what hit 'em

- eminem♥
border credit to whoever ♥


Why can't you see that I love you
 and I  want  you  to  be with me?

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Him: do girls know anything?!
Her: I know how to make you cry.
Him: what're you gonna do, kiss me?
Her:  you wish!                  

Him: yeah, I do ;)

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do you remember the nights we stayed up just laughing smiling for hours at anything?
remember the nights we drove around crazy in love?


got me like                                                                         

"oh my gosh, I'm so in love"


listen to your heart

when he's     calling for you