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To everyone complaining about wanting summer:
If we're freezing to ice now,
We'll probably burn to hell then.
So I just went to Harvard for a Model UN competition conference.
I had an amazing panel of chairs (essentially judges) in my committee, and one of the days in particular, they all looked incredibly stressed out. So I sent them a note that said nice things about each of them specifically, and it was so ridiculously rewarding to see the smiles grow on their faces as they read what I wrote about them and then passed it along to the next person. I didn't sign the note because I didn't want to seem like I was sucking up to them for an award, which is why after the award ceremony, I went up to one of the chairs and told her they were from me, solely because I know I would want to know if I was in their position. Her whole face lit up and she held my face in her hands, thanked me, and said I was so much more beautiful than I knew and that I was going to go so far. It was the cutest thing ever, and was one of my favorite moments of the entire weekend. 
I just got back from a Model UN competition conference at Harvard. 

Rosegrams are tradition there (you buy a rose, write a note and send it to someone) and the director woul read the messages out loud while distributing them. One session, I got a rose. He started reading the message, which said, "You have beautiful hair, a gorgeous face, and a hot body. So point of personal priviledge (what you say when you have a question), be my date to the dance tonight?" Which was obviously followed by "ooooh"'s and catcalls.

But there was more.

"I have seen the scars on your wrists and I know you haven't eaten the entire weekend. I just want to make you feel beautiful again."  

As soon as my director read out the word "scars"I panicked - my face went blank and I just kept mouthing "stop stop" at him. He realized after a second and stopped, mumbling the rest of the message.

But it was too late, because the
entire room had gone silent from their cat calls, and every single eye in the room was on me as I walked back to my seat. 

There were 400 people in my committee, and every single person heard that rosegram message to me being read out. 400 people that I had to continue working with knew about the scars and empty stomachs.   

Won best delegate in SOCHUM at Harvard Model UN 2014 (:
Actually felt truly good and happy for once...

                            I'm just done.


did i scare you away? 

          i tried so hard not to fall, but next thing i knew 
                                        >> i was already lying on the bottom, predictably broken.  
So there is this senior I really like, and he's dated this girl for like almost two years. 
She's a freshman in college now, and the other day she popped in to an after school Model UN meeting with some other alumni.  My senior is president of MUN, so he was there too. It was so awkward between them, even though they haven't totally broken up (it's complicated). At one point, he went  over to the table she was sitting at, and as soon as he sat down there, she got up to go somehwere sit else without even looking at him.  The worst part is, I saw him watch her walk away.  And I swear, my heart shattered.                                                                                                       

Him:  You know, you're going to have an interesting life.
Me:  Why do you say that?
Him:  I dunno,  I'm just feeling it. 
Him:  I love her, and will always have a thing for her. Whether or not we are officially together, I just don't see it ending. It certainly got close recently, but it didn't break.

Me:  *heart plummets to floor and shatters into a million pieces*

Me:  Aw that's good, I'm so glad to hear that .