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Why is happiness so underrated?
A smile and confidence are the two most attractive things out there, and so I just simply do not understand why sadness is so glorified and happiness so downplayed. It's okay to get upset. But it's also more than okay to be happy.                       
Him: Let me ask you something. Do you want to be happy? Because when things get tough, I know a lot of people just want to be sad, which is okay, for a little while. But you need to pick yourself back up; you can't wallow away in self-pity forever. So tell me. Do you want to be happy?           
  
  and my eyes make me vulnerable
but with you baby, it's okay cause I JUST DON'T CARE. ///
So last night, this cute senior was driving me home from school
at like 9 p.m, and this is the same very cute senior who I walked around with for 2 hours down town last weekend. We were talking the whole drive, and once we got to my house, he drove around the corner so we were out of sight and parked his car, and we just sat there and talked, just us in the dark of his car and it was like some cliché scene from a book or movie, just like our long, late night walk last weekend and ohmigosh it was perfect and asdfghjkl; just marry me please.                              

"With him, I just...don't care. I'm not self-conscious, or uptight; I don't re-read every message 40 times before sending or  spend hours on what to wear or carefully plan out every single thing. I just do me, because with him, I know that for once,    that's  enough."


          i won't let these feelings get in the way
                                        >> cause baby, i need you to stay, don't run away 

One more night like tonight
And baby I'll be sold 




baby I'd treat you beter

than she ever did

He had me flying high up into the sky, and if it weren't for you, I'd be forever lost in the clouds. But you caught me just in time and brought me back down to Earth, to where I belong - right here by your side.


          for a second
                                                 YOU LOOKED AT ME
                              & your eyes lingered ON MY LIPS.

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