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How to annoy Pizza Hut:

Me: Hello, Pizza Hut?

Pizza hut: Yes? How can we help you?

Me: Can you give me the number for Domino's?

I might be wearing a northface and ugg boots.
My jeans might be True Religions.
My sweats are Victorias Secrets.
My purses are Coach.
My belts are Gucci.
But you know what?
I'd trade all the designers in the WORLD just to be happy.
To wake up with my parents being home, instead of being at work.


This quote does not exist.

If you were a cookie, you'd be a


- - - -



Girl: Omg, lyk, whut r u all up2? Dis iz so awsomee!




that really horrible and depressing moment when
you accidently close the wrong tab in your browser.


This quote does not exist.

"Oh, c'mon, how much do you weigh? 110? 105?"


 which one of my buttcheeks are you talking to?
So now there's walking in the Olympics.?

I guess theres still hope for us wittians.. ;)

*Me and my Mom at a restaurant eating dessert*

Mom: My teeth hurt...

Me: Do you mean your dentures?

Mom: ...

Me: Did I just discover your deepest darkest secret?

Mom: No

Me: ...

Mom: My DEEPEST. DARKEST. SECRET. IS.................

Me: ...

Mom: I'M A MAN!!!

Me: *spits food everywhere and starts cracking up*


True story, my mom and i have hilarious convos