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hi im hannah and im 13 now and regret this entire phase of my life

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Hey, are you made of phosphorus, etherium, arsenic, adamantium, nitrogen, and tyberium? 'Cause you're a.....

well at least if we all die, ill be able to meet every wittian in heavan.

It finally happened...
  the  guy I've  liked  for  8  years  asked  me out....  he's  been my  best  friend  since  kindergarten  and I  can't  even  function  anymore  I'm  just  so  happy.
♥ 12/14/12♥ 


don't listen to a word I say
  the screams all sound the same.

Every boy is like this

At some point, it'll
make you tear

and you might have a
headache later...
what am i gonna do when the best part of me was always you?
My 11:11 wish was for him to talk to me.....
Him at 11:12- Hey Hannah

Faith in 11:11, restored.

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This link will lead you to a youtube video of Will Smith in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. At the end, when he has that whole "tantrum" with Uncle Phil, I saw somewhere that it wasn't in the script. That he actually meant the words he said and went off on his own. The hug at the end was genuine; not character to character but human to human. God, I am crying so f/cking hard right now.
and right now, I'm eating those pizza goldfish, having a cup of coffee, and bawling my eyes out. He won't notice me. I mean he will, we're best friends, but he'll never notice me like THAT; like I'm HER.
I will never live up to his expectations.