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hey guys, i need advice for something ive been thinking about for a month now. My bestfriend that ive known since forever talks to this guy, lets call him Aaron, but she also talks to plenty of other guys. I also started talking to Aaron to get to know him better you know, being that caring friend and all. Okay so, my friend met another guy who she is head over heels for and when i ask her about aaron, she just says that hes just a friend to her and she cant wait aorund forever for him. Now the bad part is, is that i feel like im falling for Aaron. He is so unbelievably funny and everytime we talk, i get this huge cheesy smile on my face and i can honestly say that no guy has ever made me feel like this. The other thing is that he talks about her and i feel like he likes her. Shes my bestfriend and i would never do anything to hurt her. Now the question is, what should i do? When i ask my friends what to do, they say to tell him how i feel but i know that thats wrong.. even though my bestfriend said that her and aaron are just friends. I dont know what to do, please help.
How can you say I'll be alright?
What makes you think that I'll be fine?
Baby you have to be completely out of your mind,
To think that I could keep you out of m i n e
is it wrong to be angry for so long and one day, have a mental breakdown and throw + break things?
i cant even begin to explain how horrible i feel. Everyone around me has someone. My brother, my sister, my friends, my classmates. Everywhere i look, i see couples and it makes me sick to my stomach to come to the realization that i'm never going to be able to experience that.
when you see his soft side <3
even though i've seen it all a thousand times, the pain is just oh so real.
& i still can't deal with the thought of how much i adore & like you.
i want to taste her lips, yeah cuz they taste like you, i want to drown myself in a bottle of her perfume, i want her short red hair; i want her magic touch, yeah cuz maybe then, you'd
want me just as much..
the fact that you have history with her really hurts me.. because no matter what happens, theres always gonna be tension around when you're in the same room with her. If we ever do happen, i know i'm never gonna have all of your heart & im sorry A, but thats just not good enough for me. Because I really really like you.