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i really need someones help, but everytime i ask no one takes me serious
i'm in THAT KINDA MOOD if you know what i mean [;


Ayee why did the horse cross the road?
Idk? To bone his girl horse????
Lmao! Nooooo. To get to his NEIGH-bors house!


Haha that's GEIGH...hahaha

true story!

& Just Like FaceBook
i want a witty husband.


Sometimes you
have no choice 

but to draw a straight line with a crooked pencil .

Fave this #3,
and i'll tell you what turns me on.
(i don't care who you are)
Fave this,
and i'll comment you with one of my secrets.
(whether i know you or not)

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I Get This Warm Feeling 
in my tummy when I see an
o l d [x] c o u p l e
g hands .
why ? because it makes me realize
that maybe , just m.a.y.b.e ,
love c a n last
----> t h a t l o n g xo 


When something bad happens
 you have three choices.
you can either let it define you,
let it destroy you, or

you can let it strengthen you.