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i'm haley (:
14 years young.
freshman! class of '14.
brown hair, brown eyes.
 yeah, that's right.
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Quotes by foreverhesmine8

Write the first thing that comes to mind.
01 Hello: goodbye
02 Love: heart
03 Cow: grass
04 Peace: hippies
05 Sky: airplanes
06 Mr. big: mtv
07 Horror: movie theater
Answer with only one word.
01 You are a: dork
02 You drink: lemonade
03 Your first kiss: tommy
04 Where are you: basement
05 You like: trevor
06 Hate is: strong
07 Love is: strong
08 You dream of: guys
09 You can’t spell: onomonopia
10 Your favorite color is: purple

Answer either true or false. No “maybes” allowed.
01 You like a boy/girl: true
02 You would kiss someone for $10: true 
03 You’re addicted to facebook: true
04 You’re addicted to notes: true
05 Pink looks nice on guy?: true
06 You can’t keep a secret: false
07 You have a sibling(s): true
08 You know what an asterisk is: true
09 You dye your hair: false

Write the first thing each color makes you think of.
01 Red: blood
02 Green: blake
03 Teal: my sheets
04 Maroon: school
05 Silver: school
06 Brown: mud
07 White: clouds
08 Peachy: skin
09 Yellow: lemons
10 Purple: fluffy pillows   fluffy pillowfpsdkfjlkjsa
true friendship isn't being inseperable;
                                             it's being seperated and
                            nothing changes.
There are three things in life that shouldn't be broken:
hearts, promises, & friendships.

You are single. Make the best of it.
It doesn't mean you're not good enough.
It means no one is good enough for

Be a best friend,

tell the truth,

and overuse I love you.

Go to work,

do your best,

don't outsmart your common sense.

Never let your prayin knees get lazy

love like crazy.

--Lee Brice,
         Love Like Crazy.

don't make him your
because when he's gone,
you'll have

a break/up is like a mirror;
sometimes its better to leave it broken,
than to try and fix it.

not mine, credit to 
 & im just a
searching for my
prince charming.

not mine, im pretty sure.
you should ♥ it!
you know you wanna!
a best friend;
will still think you're a good egg,
even when you're
I don't want him to be perfect.
I want him to laugh at me,
trip me and then help me back up;
pick me up and throw me in the pool;
make me watch football for hours;
take me to the arcade &
beat me in air hockey;
and love me for the person I am.