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Hi my name is Kayla. I'm 17 years old. Junior in high school. Live in Michigan. I absolutely love gymnastics. I did gymnastics for 10 years. I got to level 9. Now I'm a gymnastics coach. I'm also a diver.... Ahhh what else...I consider myself to be really nice to everyone. I love hanging out with my friends. The few that I have. Ummm...I'm 5'3", blondish/brownish hair, blueish greenish eyes. I like soccer but never played. My two brothers did though so they taught me how to play. Message me any more questions you have about me. Maybe I'll make quotes about them. Ohh and I follow back:)

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I may  not be the prettiest,
or the skinniest, or the smartest.

But I love myself for who I am and what I've become.

And there's not a person in this world that can take that away from me.

- All Me

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I intertwine my own fingers
and pretend one hand belongs to
a big, strong man who cares deeply for me
and as I'm in fantasy land,
I remember it's my own hand


I've been sick with the stomach flu the last three days
and haven't been able to eat
lost 7 pounds
now my senses make food sound repulsive
because I don't want to gain that weight back...
help me
*I was coaching a 4 year old class of girls in gymnastics, and this actually happened*

Me: What was your favorite part of today?
Stella: Ribs
Me: Ribs?
Stella: Yeah, its like chicken, but with bones.
Me: LMFAOOOOOOOO XD I meant your favorite part of gymnastics

It's been a terrible day
when the most exciting part was
not running out of gas on the way home from the bus stop
and finding an extra $10 to waste on gas.
Yeah exciting, I know.
Try not to pee your pants.

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Don't be too confident when
someone tells you they like you.
The real question is, until when?
Because just like the seasons,
people change and so do feelings.

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Never regret anything
that has happened in your life,
it cannot be changed,
undone or forgotten
so take it as a lesson learned and move on.

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Please don't blame yourself
for any of the stupid sh*t that I choose to do.
None of this is your fault.
I'm the one who made these bad decisions
so I'm the one who pays the consequences.

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