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Quotes by foreverkristinalynne

Sometimes you think
you've gotten
over someone, but when
you see them

smile you suddenly realize that you're just prentending you got overthem 
to ease the pain  of knowing
 you'll never get
 over them.

Trying to forget someone you loved is like trying to remember someone you never knew.



Remember That Night

Kristina gasped. She was engulfed in darkness. She couldn't see one light at all. Then, she felt like she was being carried. Carried away.

Was she dead? Was this heaven? Is this how easy and calm death felt like?

Kristina blinked. She was being carried. Inside a bag. Kidnapped. She punched all around and kicked, anything to get the killer's grip loosened. She swung back and forth and jolted herself for minutes. Then, she stopped. She took five seconds of just stillness. And then forced herself suddenly with all her stregnth and punched in the air. Her fist landed on something hard. A groan came from the person she had hit.

Kristina was dropped from the killer's grip. She scrambled to get herself unwrapped from the bag she was in. As she just got out, she took a quick glimpse at the killer. Whoever it was, was laying flat on the ground, coughing. Kristina sprinted away back to her house. The killer had managed to drag her up all the way up her street.

She ran to the front door and locked it. She looked out the window. The killer was gone. Out of the corner of her eye she saw yellow car lights whip by onto the corner of another street.

Kristina ran through the house and locked and closed everything she could. Locked the doors, sealed the windows, closed the curtains, and shut the lights. She ran downstairs to where her friends were, still getting over the fact that Jen was gone. Kristina left her friends by themselves for a good fifteen minutes. When Kristina got back downstairs, they were looking all over the basement, trying to find evidence or clues to what happened to Jen.

"But, the thing that kills me, is that, we didn't even hear someone come in. Were they stalking and...listening us the whole time? How long were they hiding? And where were they hiding?" Jillian was saying.

"It's just sooooo creepy. I mean, I was sitting right next to Jen the whole time. I didn't hear one thing/. Not even a footstep or breathing. It was like...the air took Jen. Because wouldln't you think that I would feel or hear something, epcially when I'm sitting right next to her? And how come whoever this kidnapper is didn't take at least two of us? Its like a mind game this person is playing with us. A game. Like hide and go seek, I swear..." Jess said.

Hide and go seek.


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Remember That Night

Kristina slowly, with a shaky hand, put the phone down. She just stared back at it. And then she redialed.





Kristina was too stunned to move. She got up and ran to her front door. If she go to her neighbors house they could put her and her friends at safety and this would all be over. She ran outside as fast as she could barefoot to her neighbor's door. Kristina rung the doorbell. Five seconds went by. Ten seconds. Twenty, thirty, fourty, fifty, one minute. It's not that they're asleep. It's not that they're out somewhere. This is all planned. They're. Not. Here.

She ran to her other neighbors house. She pounded on the door, hard at least ten times. A minute passed by. Two minutes. It was hopless. She pouned on the door one last time. She looked in the reflection of the door. There, was this innocent twelve year old girl, helpless and scared. Terrified. What had she ever done to deserve this? She had a great life. And it ruined? She wiped tears from her eyes and blinked. Then, a black figure appeared from behind her in the mirror.

And the next thing she knew, blackness surrounded her.


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Remember That Night

Kristina just sat there. Then she started to cry. And cry and cry and cry. Now, all moments of when she disrespected her parents became more clear and highlihted and emphazised. It wasn't until now she realized and regretted all the times that she didn't listen to them, all the times she yelled back at them, al lthe times she'd ignored them. She remembered the saying 'you don't know what you having until it is gone'. That saying never had meant much until this moment.

Suddenly, Kristina realized that her parents were gone. Not exactly dead. But just...missing. She wasn't sure they were literally killed just yet.

Kristina ran to the phone. She dialed the 3 life-saving numbers that her parents engraved in her brain when she was at the mere age of 3. 9-1-1-. Her fingers trembled as she waited for the line to connect. Then, a raspy, muffled voice came on:

"Aw, honey, looks like you've gone to the last resort, huh? Did your mommy tell you that old trick, too? Call 9-1-1 and everything will be okay? Well, sorry to tell you this, but the line's down, sweety pie."

And then they hung up.



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Remember That Night

"Jen? JEN?"

"WHERE IS SHE?!" Katie screamed.

"WHAT DO YOU THINK?! WE'RE HIDING HER UP OUR BUTT?!" Kristina yelled back.

"OMG. OMG. OMG." Jillian was hyperventilating.

"M...M....MOM! MOM!" Kristina screamed.

"THIS ISN'T A JOKE GUYS! THIS. IS. REAL. JEN. IS. GONE." Jess said harshly.

"I have to mom..." Kristina stuttered as she got up.

Kristina felt blood rush to her head and felt dizzy, like she was going to pass out. She held onto the railing of the stairs and felt drunk as she fell up the stairs in a hurry. When she got to the door she flung it open. She ran into her parents room. 

"MOMMY! DADDY! HELP! MOM-" She stopped. How come the covers weren't moving and it was completely silent. She was sure that her parents were in bed, their bodies present underneath the sheets...

"M...Mommy...?" She took one step, then ripped the covers off the bed.

Pillows. PILLOWS.

Laying gently on top of them was a little piece of paper, with red sharpie handwriting. Kristina picked it up.

"Who needs their mommy now? -S".



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Remember That Night

No sound. No movement. No breaths. Just nothing. Nothing at all. It was like the world just stopped. Like time just...haulted. Like it was stuck. No one could see one thing. Pitch blackness surrounded everyone. A sharp tang of chills appeared on Kristina's arms and legs, even though it was abuot 85 degrees outside. Emptiness was the new vistor in the basement. Kristina felt dizzy. Was this for real? She became doubtful again. Even though she kept telling herself that this was just another stupid, stupid prank, she had that tiny ounce of doubt in her brain that this was really happening, a real thing. Omg. Please. Get. The. Lights. On. This. Is. Scaring. Me. Please. Just. Turn. Them-

Suddenly, it was like someone who just woke up after 20 years of sleeping. Like being blind for your whole life and finally seeing. The lights instantly and sharply turned back on. Heavy breathing now occupied the room. They were all panting and their chests let out a huge breath, like they've been holding it for hours. The tension in the room was released, like someone released their grip on them. They looked around at eachother.

Eyes wandered, scared eyes. Creeped out eyes. Wondering eyes. Confused eyes. Quick eyes. Panicky eyes. Full of doubt, confusion and fear.

Kristina looked around. She was glad the lights were on, but WHAT THE HELL? SHe was about to just close her eyes and thank God all was okay, but she noticed something. Where Jen had been sitting, was now a blank space and incompletion in the circle of friends. Jen...Jen...just

"Where's Jen?!"


Interesting, huh? The suspence has came! I will be writing more soon, keep checking guys! LOVE YOU ALL!
~foreverkristinalynne :P

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You are 90% of why I get up in the morning.

 The other 10% is because I have to pee.

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The World Is Going To Hell

 And I am driving the bus.

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