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Hey guys its meredith!!
i am a 13 year old girl lol
i am 5'4, brunette, and single lol
i say lol a lot hahah
i love:
Pretty Little Liars.
Make it or Break it.
Phimeas and Ferb. (lol)
Teen Mom.
Americas Next Top Model.
And anything with the Kardashians.
The Hunger Games Series.
Taylor Swift.
Selena Gomez.
Anyone in One Direction especially..                    
Niall Horan<3

And I would love if you followed me<3
comment if you want to learn more!!!
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Quotes by foreverme1331

i dont like to let myself think too much about life because then i get thinking about the what-ifs and then i start to get really sad:(

anyone else?
i have a braces adjustment tomorrow, what colors should i get? im thinking pink and gold:)

that awkward moment when you stand up and your pants decide to unbutton them selves....

just me?
i love the }}feeling{{ of my <legs> after i shave""""
all my friends are at the party and im stuck here
*at abercormbie with sister*

worker at front: here have this coupon you text this code to this number and you get a coupon!!
sister: is everyone a winner?
worker: essentially:)
sister: okayy.. thank you
*texts code to number each gets 20% coupon*


sister: do you like these yoga pants?
me: yes! how much?
sister: well theyre on sale for 20 and then with my coupon they'd be like 16!
me: yes! get them

*gets to checkout*:

worker: *takes yoga pants* will this be all for today?
sister: yes but can i use this coupon on my phone?
worker: yes!
sister: *shows text*
worker: do you have internet?
sister: no
worker: well then you cant use this coupon
sister: oh okay nevermind then

isnt that weird?
AT&T M CELL 11:52 AM 78%
Send me a picture of your beautiful self, this time take it off.
Take it off?...
The makeup, you're perfect without it <3
bravosierra's layout


plot twist: aarons hair doesn't actually look sexy pushed back

Write the name of your class mates that is best described by the word/phrase given.

Funny: Abby/Anabiri/Sara
Pretty: All the girls
Shy: ummm... Samantha
Cute: All
Hot: Gage lol
Sexy: ME
Weird: Schuyler
Tall: Sara/Theresa
Short: Sam/Samantha
Smart: All of them
Dumb: All of them
Boring: None
Daring: a lot of us
Mature: All haha...kinda
Immature: all of us
Lovable: all
Someone you talk to a lot: Abby, Cassidy, Kaylin, Alayna, and Anabiri
Someone you don't talk to much: Sammie
Your best girl friend: Cassidy and Abby
Your best guy friend: Skyguy
Someone you miss: all of them
Someone you hate: None
Someone you love: All
Last person you talked to: Alayna
Last person to add you as a friend on Facebook/follow you on Twitter: Schuyler
Someone embarassing to be around: depends
Someone that you do crazy stuff with: Abby and Cassidy
Last person you insulted as a joke: idk
Last person you insulted seriously: None, I don't think
Last person you hung out with: Abby
Person you plan to hang out with soon: Abby
Last person to insult you: everyone does but jokingly
Last person to compliment you: Abby
Last person to call you cute: Abby
Last person to call you beautiful/hot: Abby and Cassidy
Last person you hugged: Abby

tumblr. anyone?

i'll follow back and like your picks and message you!!

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