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My name is Foreverndalways on Witty. But my real name is Mary. I'm different than most, but still a typical teen. I'm pretty outgoing and random and crazy at times, but I've been told I have wisdom and knowledge well beyond my years. I love Witty, it saved my life. I will be getting a tattoo of "Stay True" across my wrists, deticated to all my fellow witty brothers and sisters, who helped me stay true to myself and find a way through lifes crazy Sh*t I've been through a lot and never judge. I don't agree with society & I tend to stand out of the crowd, but I don't care. I don't give a darn about peoples opinions of me. I am who I wanna be. If you don't like it, deal with it If you need someone to vent to email me. I love you all.

Rest in Peace Framing Matthew. Gone but never forgotten.
-I follow people with good quotes, not if they follow me! Not trying to be mean...
-I really want to be an author, but I doubt I can become one. The stories on here are mine. If you begin to read one & it starts becoming ehh, Leave a comment and tell me I'm slacking. When things I write start to do that, it means I'm not interested as much and I'm going to try to finish it fast. But if a lovely person leaves a comment,  it will make me want to do better for you all. 
-You can leave constructive critism (not mean critism) on a qoute or such.
-I love to hear a "good job" once in a while...
-It will take me time  to write something I really am  proud of and put it up here... So don't get mad if I'm slow.! I'll try to upload a chapter every night..

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So this is what 


feels like?



The next time I see you . . .

I'm going to walk straight up to you

& slap you right on the face and ask you

"Can't you see I'm in love with you?"

& I'll turn around and walk away,

leaving you with a million thoughts in your

& I won't look back



So this is what love feels like? 



I've never met a boy who I thought could be the one..

But whenever you cross my mind, I instantly think of us and our lives together as adults.. I can see you coming up from behind to kiss me, I can see us having tickle parties, I can see us arguing over the dumbest, little things. I can even see me crying as you leave for deployment, since you want to join the military... I can see us getting through tough times apart.. But you come home to surprise me after a long deployment.. I can see us falling in love and getting married and growing old together...

I can see a perfect us❤
But you have no idea about this and probably never will...


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So we started off as texting buddies, to flirting buddies, but nothing moreBut the other day, I saw you walking down the hall, and I quickly walked away before you could see me... & It wasn't until then,when my heart skipped a beat and began to beat faster.. 

That I realized I'm falling for you...


Living Hell To Fairytale

Chapter 1

Part 4: 

  I started thinking about what to wear. All the clothes on the rack were once mine, but were now Jayden’s. Most of mine were Megan’s old clothes, minus a few shirts that I bought on special occasions. Jayden’s clothes were all hand-me-downs, but she didn’t have to wear those on daily basis, she had to wear a uniform. I had to go to her school orientation every year to get them for a dollar. My clothes in my section of the rack are all color coded. I decided on wearing a black shirt that showed some cleavage but not a lot. It was a better amount than most of the other shirts. I have a problem with that. Since the majority if my shirts were once Megan’s and were streched in the boob area. Megan had big boobs, which was a plus when it came to her so called “job”. Though the streched shirts add to the problem, my boobs did grow over the summer,and always seem to be falling out. But they aren’t really, it’s just my bra doesn’t really cover them up right. Bras just don’t fit me right and I couldn’t get a good bra from those name brand stores. I usually wore a bra until it was basically worn out and broken. I walked to the tall dresser and rummaged through my daily drawer, which held the things I wore everyday, to find my new bra which I bought from Kohls. Luckily, I found $20 in the middle of the street when it rained. I had to carefully pick it up to make sure it didn’t rip. I found the bra on clearance for $10. I used half the twenty dollars for it and the other $10 was for Jayden’s needs. The bra was black with white polka dots. I found it tucked in the back of the drawer. Just in case the monster came in my room and found it. She would use it and say it was hers. I and tore off the tags with my teeth. Megan used to hate when I do this, but it was so inconvient to walk and try to find something sharp to try to cut it. She always said I was going to ruin my beautiful teeth. She didn’t have the straightest teeth, but they were better than some peoples’. I spit out the clear thing into my trash bag that was hanging on the door handle of the door. I took off my nightshirts and put it on. Megan also taught me to never wear a bra at night, because it will ruin them and then we’d have to buy another one. I then found a pair of panties that I loved. They are neon yellow with cameras on them and had “take a picture it will last longer” below the cameras. They were old but I don’t have money to get me new underwear. I took off my black soffees folded them and put them into into my daily drawer along with my other pair of soffees. I picked up my night shirt that I threw on the ground and folded it up and placed it into the drawer onto of my other nightshirt. I put the used underwear into Jayden’s old diaper bag. We use it as dirty laundry bag and take it to the laundry mat when it is completely full. Like I said this house is old and everything breaks. I put on the neon underwear and closed my daily drawer. They are 5 drawers in the dresser. I had the top two drawers in the dresser andJayden had the bottom two. The middle drawer was used to stash our food, so the monster or her friends wouldn’t eat our hard earned food when they had the munchies. I opened my special drawer and took out my favorite skinny jeans. They are dark and have a distressed look to them. I’m addicted to wearing skinnies. I doubt you will ever see me wearing any other kind of jeans. Probably because all I have is two pairs of skinnies. I reopened my daily drawer to find my black cami and some socks too. It’s as old and wrinkled, but I wasn’t trying to impress anyone. I put on the cami and my skinnys. I reached under my bed and found my old dirty chucks and shoved the socks inside of ‘em. I only had three pairs of shoes; chucks, black boots, and flats. One sock was blue and the other yellow. I never wear matching socks, I mean why wear just one kind when you can wear two? Plus, most of my socks don’t have a pair. They tend to get lost at the laundry mat. I looked at the clock 6:20; I had to wake Jayden up at 6:30.

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